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A Retrospective ?  
A retrospective is a collection, a gathering, a group of works, in my case, paintings, that reach back into the past, showing where I have come from, artistically, and where I have been along the way. The works should tell a story that begins with the first stirrings, the earliest desires to compete and therefore exist.  This collection, ‘retrospective’, does not go back that far, not so far back as my father showing off my childish drawings to visitors, but back at least to when I became aware of the importance of art. Part of the story that this retrospective tells is how that importance has stayed with me and differs from the cynicism of a kind of art that is driven to seek a clever strategy where by anything can be got away with. This short life’s survey displays my constant efforts to paint as well as I possibly could. Where there has been guile, it has never been to deliberately do bad art.


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