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A Retrospective 2003 - 2010 Click the picture to view more works

There are some stories that don’t need a narrative.  Paintings that are said to be allegorical, communicate a story without the use of narrative sequence, but there is also the symbolic, the loaded package of meaning that is rich in communication potential, but defies simple reading.  Now I am looking at these paintings and thinking of the common threads there are in them:  threads of desire, passion, ecstasy, escape, love and madness. My paintings have become more and more about the thrill of existence.  I became poignantly aware of the importance of shared pleasure. But without those thrills, that joy in holding someone for example, don’t you risk a life without love ~ either giving it or receiving it. How much more difficult things can get without that love ~ a life without the leap of daring, and the madness of occasionally taking off.


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