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A Retrospective - Back in Wales Click the picture to view more works
In August 1993 I returned to live and work in Wales. Before that, my paintings had not been about my immediate surroundings. After graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1974 I was for some time only interested in the world of art. I tried, in fact, to separate it from life. The last paintings I did before leaving London were a series of very large works that I called my ’Turkish Bath’ paintings whose content was again not an actual Turkish Bath, but the tradition of grand nude figure compositions in Western Art. After landing back in Wales, I continue, at first, with unfinished themes, but after a few walks into the hills, I make connections with my past, my emotions, and before long and without really knowing how or why the paintings start to be informed with what is around me; and the narrative becomes more auto-biographical.


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